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Shaman cata healing rotation

Shaman cata healing rotation

World of Warcraft - Shaman Healing How.

this is how I think you should heal with the new spec. will probably do new edits of this after doing a few weeks of raiding.

In unserem WoW Schamanen Klassen Guide findet ihr gängige Skillungen sowie passende Glyphen, Add-Ons, Makros und weitere Tipps und Tricks zu allen Spezialisierungen
I'm still trying to figure out the right starting rotation since the Cata changes I'm a Newbie Warrior tank just about to Hit 85 I do have a level 80 Paladin
Mists of Pandaria - Talent Calculator.

Shaman Healing Guide

Shaman cata healing rotation

  • Mists of Pandaria - Talent Calculator.
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    Verstärker-Schamane Klassenguide – WoW: Mists of Pandaria
    Talent Calculator for the new Mists of Pandaria expansion of World of Warcraft.
    Resto Shaman Pre-cataclysm 4.0.1: healing. — Curtis Pyke, aka Big C, presents TGN's newest guest commentator GotHolyMilk! In this video, GHM shows us how to heal as
    Tanking Cata Prot Warrior rotation.